Win a MegaDo Seat Next to Randy!

Part of the fun of the miles & points game is the community it brings together.  Everyone I’ve met through this hobby has been friendly, helpful, and just plain fun.  If you’ve ever wanted to get a chance to meet some great people – and learn about about the travel industry while you’re at it – then the Star MegaDo 4 is a great opportunity for you.  This is a sold-out event but you can enter for a chance to win a seat this week.

This is a multi-day event, beginning on Tuesday, November 13 in San Francisco before heading to Houston and then ending in Chicago on Friday, November 16.  You’ll ride on chartered aircraft, have the opportunity to take part in events sponsored by United, Hyatt, and Milepoint, and spend time with people you may have previously only known by screenname.  Want to learn more about the event?  Check out discussions on this year’s Star MegaDo on Milepoint!

This week, you can enter to win a spot in this event, including your coach airfare on United from SFO-IAH-ORD (seated next to miles guru Randy Petersen), plus one night each at the Hyatt SFO, Hyatt Regency Houston, and Hyatt Schaumberg.  You’ll also receive $250 in spending money to help toward the cost of getting yourself to SFO for the start of the event and from Illinois back home.  Unfortunately, I won’t be attending, but I promise that hanging out with Randy will be more fun anyway (and maybe you’ll meet me in Chicago instead)!

Here’s How to Enter: You can enter a maximum of one time on my blog by leaving a comment on this entry in response to my official entrance question by 11:59pm Mountain Time on October 7th.  I’ll randomly select one answer as the winning answer and submit that name to the final drawing.  At that point, two winners will be drawn from that final group of submissions, one person to sit on the aisle and one to sit at the window while Randy’s stuck in the middle seat.  If you’d like to increase your chances of winning, check out the full list of participating blogs, enter once on each one, and maybe say hello to a new blogger while you’re at it!  Please be sure to check out the official rules before entering.


Everyone’s got a different take on the best way to use miles and points – whether that’s carting your whole family to Disney World, taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip in first class and staying in luxury suites, or jetting off every weekend in coach by yourself in order to see the world.  There’s no right or wrong way to redeem these points, just different priorities, which brings me to my official entry question:

If you had only 250,000 United MileagePlus miles and 150,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points, how would you spend them?

For example, I’m fascinated by the prospect of circumnavigating the globe, so I’d take advantage of United’s generous routing and stopover allowances on awards by going to Hong Kong, with my outbound via the Pacific ocean and returning with a stopover in Istanbul before a transatlantic flight back home.  That balance of miles and points would buy me two business-class tickets for my itinerary along with five nights at the Hyatt Regency Tsim Sha Tsui, one night at the nearby Grand Hyatt Macau, and four nights at the Grand Hyatt Istanbul near Taksim Square, all category 4 hotels.

I promise if you go to this event, you’ll learn tons about airlines, hotels, miles, points, and general travel – both from actual scheduled events and conversations with the other participants.  Make sure to enter here (and on other participating BoardingArea blogs) by October 7.

EDIT: I used to generate a winning comment for my MegaDo entrant!

I have contacted the winner by email – in a few days we’ll know if HR is one of the Boarding Area fans flying in this year’s Star MegaDo!

Thanks everyone for participating!

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  1. says

    With MileagePlus miles in my hot hands, I would route:



    And for the Hyatt gold Passport points?

    I’d use my Platinum Hyatt status (with Suite upgrades in my account, ahem ahem) and “arbitrage” myself up to a “Diplomatic”-level suite in each city.

  2. scott says

    I would use it for a trip to Paris and London, two cities I have yet to truely Explore. I would have seats in First Class on LH so I go some well earned lounge.

  3. Aaron S says

    My wife and I would fly to Tokyo. ORD – HKG on CX, HKG – BKK on Thai, and BKK – NRT on UA. We would stay at the Hyatt Regency Tokyo for 8 nights in a suite.

  4. Steve Y says

    Business/first class flight redemption for my wife and I from Berlin to Lake Tahoe this winter, and a week at the Hyatt there.

  5. sloan1109 says

    Ticket for the wife and I IAH-DME-SIN on SQ (when they start releasing C again) to enjoy the grand hyatt singapore.

  6. Michael H.(oldfox) says

    I would travel in SE Asia and then China. This would be first class with United and Hyatt, two of my favorites!

  7. KOMAL says


  8. jessica says

    I would book a trip to the Maldives for my husband and I via Star Alliance partner Austrian Airlines (not going to complain about a layover in delicious Vienna!) and stay 6 nights in the fabulous looking Park Hyatt Maldives.

  9. Susan says

    I’d use the United Miles for an ‘around the world’ type junket as well. I’d pick up stays at the Park Hyatt Tokyo and the Grand Hyatt Singapore. If I route it correctly, I could even squeeze in a stay at the Park Hyatt Zurich.

  10. tiffany l says

    i like to maximize my time on the ground, so i would fly first class on ana from ny to tokyo, using the extra miles for intra-japan flights on ana. i would use the hyatt points for stays at the ultra-posh park hyatt tokyo and wherever else i ended up in japan. (i like to plan as i go.)

  11. Stils says

    Definitely a second honeymoon with my wife. She works too hard, gets paid too little, and we don’t have that disposable income yet to do a “trip of a lifetime”! BabyStils is definitely staying at home for that one.

  12. Omar G says

    I would take my mother on RTW trip through SE ASIA
    and use they hyatt points to stay for a few days specifically at the grand hyatt tokyo, and then jump around through HKG, SIN, BKK etc

  13. dwh says

    Business class for me and the wife to South Africa. I’d stay in the Hyatt Regency Oubaai before heading out on a safari

  14. Susan N says

    For me it would be flight for me and my Mom to Vietnam to visit family with overnight in the Park Hyatt Saigon. My family from the rural villages would FREAK out when they saw the rooms at the PH

  15. Nguyen says

    I would use business class on United for me and my wife flying to visit Tokyo, and Sydney. We would stay at Park Hyatt in both places. Thanks.

  16. heathrown says

    The United Miles – For Star Alliance Upgrades every time. As good as United are, there are so many other great experiences to be had in the alliance. And they’d have to take me somewhere far from the UK – where there are more than a token few Hyatts!

  17. Jing Li says

    This is a bit cliche, but a honeymoon trip in first class to maldives, staying at the park hyatt maldives!

    that or buying economy class tickets and hoarding the hyatt points for many many trips all over the world over the next couple of years.

  18. Mark S. says

    I’ve not been to Asia, so I’d use the United miles and Hyatt points to take a free vacation in that part of the world.

  19. Gerald says

    I would certainly fly in F to Lima, Peru, to Cuzco, and explore Machu Picchu and also make a little pitstop at Easter Island.. then onto Dubai at the Park Hyatt!

  20. says

    2 tickets in Biz for me and my girlfriends to the Maldives, and then how many ever nights I can finagle out of 150k points at the Hyatt there (wonder how much an over water bungalow upgrade is in points)

  21. Craig says

    Either 2 F to Paris and then Madrid with as many nights at the Hyatt as possible or just business to Bora Bora and all the nights possible at the Hyatt.

  22. says

    A first class ticket to Asia, including stops in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok …..with 5 nights at the Hyatts in those locations as I have travelled thought Europe and Israel but have never been to Asia.

  23. Cyrus N says

    I do have (more than) 250,000 miles, and (more than) 150,000 Hyatt points, so this may be an unfair question. :)
    I’m planning on using them for my honeymoon, but I don’t know where we’re going yet. Looking at New Zealand.

  24. says

    If I had that many points, what wouldn’t I do? I know one thing for sure: I’d bring a friend along. It might cut my miles balance in half, but it’d be worth it. And as much as flying in business or first would be nice, I’d go economy and stretch those points out!

    I’m thinking heading down to South America. Unfortunately, to get the stopover and open jaws, I’d need to book roundtrip tickets with United, a major bummer. I’m thinking making my final destination Montevideo, open-jawing and leaving out of Buenos Aires, stopping over in Peru on my way back to head to Macchu Picchu. Yeah, that sounds pretty good.

    Since that would only be 60k a person in economy (120k for two people), I’d then start planning my next trip, probably to Eastern Europe. How about Slovenia! Of course, I’d use my open jaws and stopovers again, so I’d throw something together like Slovenia, open jaw, Budapest, and then stopover somewhere on the way back, maybe Barcelona?

    In all that, I’m pretty sure I’d be able to find some Hyatts to stay in to use my 150k points!

  25. LindaRZ says

    I will travel to Eastern Europe on United with my whole family for a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit our relatives, and stop in London to visit other relatives but this time stay with Hyatt.

  26. pilot says

    I am an x B727 pilot , and would love to fly the B787 and take a look at the cockpit to see how much things changed.

  27. Chris says

    Tickets to Australia and stay at the Park Hyatt Sydney until the points run out. Walked by this place on my last trip and it looks incredible. Great local.

  28. Zach says

    I’d transfer the Hyatt points into 30k UA miles, so I’ll have enough for two round trip first tickets to use for me and my wife, then I’d pick a location or two for an aspirational award with stays at Park Hyatts…probably Tokyo and China.

  29. says

    Good Lord, what an opportunity: I’d do the next chapter of my Asia explorations: visit friends in BKK, then scuba diving in Bali and Lombok. Next stop would be to visit some of the famous temples in Java, and climb any (safe) volcanoes I pass by.

    Plan B would be Istanbul, Budapest, and Croatia, especially the coast!

  30. Bri says

    I would fly around the world with stops in South America and Africa. I would use the hotel stays to treat my parents.

  31. Nancy O says

    Definitely an around the world trip, for my family of 4, hitting all the places I’ve been that they haven’t and sharing the wonder and excitement with them – without having to worry about the cost!!!! Nice hotels even thrown in!

  32. Philatravelgirl says

    I have traveled solo for over 20 years so I’d love to bring a friend w/me for a change so they can experience their first J flight. I’ve never stayed at a Hyatt so my first time with them. As for location, I adore Australia and have a Kiwi surfer friend living in Bondi who I need to shout a few drinks so I’d go to Sydney first and then explore

  33. says

    Fly F on LH on a380 and make sure I have a connection in the FRA F terminal on my way to somewhere in Italy – use some Hyatt miles to stay somewhere nice in Rome and try and circle back via Asia – if the routing permitted!

  34. JamesP says

    I’d love to try an around-the-world Star Alliance award too. I’m not quite up to 250,000 miles yet! Thanks for the contest.

  35. Nancy H says

    I would take my dad on a “first class all the way” trip to Europe. He hasn’t been back there since his time in the military and often speaks wistfully of wanting to return to see how things have changed.

  36. Megan G says

    I’d hit the Hyatt Carmel Highlands for a couple nights on my way to the airport, then I’d fly C to: EZE and the Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, to SYD for a few nights at Park Hyatt Sydney, on to Park Hyatt Melbourne to visit friends, to Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme, then home via Park Hyatt Toronto.

  37. gleasonja says

    First Class to Saigon to see the love of my life and we’d stay in the nicest hotel the Hilton points could get us!

  38. Anita says

    I would fly to Hong Kong the birthplace of my dad! I’ve never been! Staying at tsim sha tsui hyatt regency Then off to Japan staying at Park Hyatt Tokyo and then stopover at Paris at park Hyatt vendome then come back home. I would use my Hyatt card to upgrade to suites! I am waiting for my Hyatt card to get approved
    Imnotarunner at gmail dot com

  39. eitan says

    Not sure what the exact redemption would be, but I hope it can include the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt and The Park Hyatt Maldives

  40. Jordan says

    I’d manage to get my hands on 10,000 more United miles through the Vinesse wine club and spending $1,000 on my UA MP card, for 260,000. I’d fly myself and three friends to Bangkok in coach (the more the merrier!) and stay at the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok and the Hyatt Regency Phuket.

  41. Cara says

    I would use them for 2 first class seats to Hawaii from NY for my honeymoon and stay at the nicest Hyatt I an find in Maui or on the big island…

  42. the fifth amendment says

    depending on my companion, and where I would have the best. most interesting time. maldives, sydney, singapore, paris

  43. Jrey says

    I shared tips on spending miles with a stranger last flight last week. We have become friends and found out that we have something in common in term of research/work!

  44. Erndog says

    I would go to faraway places I’ve never been – Maldives, Bali, Austtailia, and New Zealand, and do it in style

  45. Danny says

    I think I can manage a around the world trip. Arrange a trip to Paris, stay at the Park Hyatt. On over to Barcelona, spend few more Hyatt points. On to HongKong, and finally on over to Tokyo and stay at Park Hyatt, and back to LAX.

  46. Amy C. says

    I would give both the air miles and hotel points to my parents for their 50th anniversary next year. They’re both still mobile and active but just not as much as before. However, it will be a very nice gift for them. Thank you.

  47. says

    If you had 250,000 United MileagePlus miles and 150,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points, how would you spend them?

    I would book Business Class tickets to Thailand on Singapore Airlines for my wife and I. We would then spend a week at the GRAND HYATT ERAWAN BANGKOK and then a week at the Hyatt Regency Hua Hin.

  48. Jeanne M says

    I would fly first class to Asia and stay at the Park Hyatt Seoul, Park Hyatt Shanghai, Singapore Hyatt and then splurge and pay cash to stay at the Sands.

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