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ploughing rice field luang prabang laos

Planting Rice on the Living Land Farm in Laos

Out of all the foods in the world, rice is one of my least favorite things to eat.  It ranks right up there with fruitcake and SPAM.  I avoid it as much as possible, but in Laos, rice is life.  They eat it breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so I figured I might as well make an effort to learn about it.Just because I don't like to eat rice doesn't mean I don't appreciate a good … [Read More]

Completely worry-free at Garden of the Gods, Colorado

The Truth About How I Travel

If you read as many travel blogs as I do, you'll start to see the term "travel burn-out" pop up from time to time.  A year ago, I had no idea what that could … [Read More]

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Travel to Charlottesville Virginia

Without a doubt, fall is my favorite time of year in Virginia for the bright, scenic colors and brisk air.  This beautiful setting, combined with my personal goal of seeing more on my east coast bucket list, was an inspiration to head to lovely … [Read More]


Win a MegaDo Seat Next to Randy!

Part of the fun of the miles & points game is the community it brings together.  Everyone I've met through this hobby has been friendly, helpful, and just plain fun.  If you've ever wanted to get a chance to meet some great people - and learn about about … [Read More]


Happy Canada Day!

Greetings from small town America!  It's a great place to be, especially as I hear stories from friends back home that sound hugely similar to View from the Wing's.  What a mess I'll be returning to...I may be spending Canada Day in the good old US of A, … [Read More]


Program Spotlight: Aeromexico

As part of my Membership Rewards transfer partner series, today I'll be looking at redemption options with AeroMexico.If you missed my introduction, these spotlights are meant to look at partners from the aspect of transferring Membership Rewards points … [Read More]

trip together statistics

Use TripTogether to Find Travel Companions

I've never planned a trip with friends, but over the past year or so, I've attended a few travel-oriented conferences/events that had highly social atmospheres.  I signed up for each of those as an excuse to briefly visit a destination but to be perfectly … [Read More]