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Warning: You’re Losing Money By Not Using Travel Credit Cards Effectively

If you're not using credit cards while you're traveling, you should start considering it.  Paying with a credit card comes with a ton of benefits:Letting you track expenses Reducing liability if a card is lost or stolen Providing additional insurance and other benefits Rewarding you in cash back or other methodsWhether or not you're already using a credit card, … [Read More]

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Ghent, Belgium - a town I didn't plan on visiting but ended up loving.

Why You Should Go to Ghent

With all due respect to Belgium, Brussels isn't one of my favorite cities.  Their beer is fantastic, but that was the highlight of my 2007 visit.  My return in June 2014 was a little better since I basically ate my weight in chocolate, but still, it's not a … [Read More]


First Impressions of the Aloft Brand

Have you stayed at an Aloft hotel?  I've wanted to try them out ever since May when I saw pictures of the Aloft property at Denver airport, mainly because they are just different from other chains.  The pricepoint seems to be around the Holiday Inn/Hilton … [Read More]

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Stopovers: Take ‘Em or Leave ‘Em?

I've never really taken advantage of stopovers before, since I usually have the problem of not having enough time at my destination rather than having extra time to include a second location!  However, this time I actually booked two stopovers, one being a … [Read More]


Hotel Pet Peeves

There's a survey floating around on the internet right now looking for responses on frequent business travelers' pet peeves on hotel stays.  It was interesting to read over, since a lot of the suggested peeves are things I never think about.  I rarely turn on … [Read More]


Earn Frequent Flyer Miles When You Buy a Car

Believe it or not, you might be able to drive up your frequent flyer balances quite significantly next time you buy a car.  The obvious way to do that is to pay with your credit card, but given high processing fees, dealers typically aren't keen to accept that … [Read More]