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create roadtrip playlist

How to Create the Ultimate Roadtrip Playlist

For my husband and I, summer and roadtrips are nearly synonymous.  We hop in the car almost every weekend, heading out for camping adventures, family events, and local travel.  Frankly, we're masters of our own roadtrip routine but this past trip was a stretch even for us: 25 hours in the car in a single weekend.   With that much time in the car, music becomes crucial not … [Read More]

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Turkish Temptations

Traveling with Type 2 Diabetes

For me, taking care of my health while traveling is something I don't have to think about too often, but for others it takes careful planning and consideration.  Please welcome Sharon who is here to share her experiences traveling with Type 2 … [Read More]

No matter how many alfombras I saw, the details always astonished me.

Scenes from Semana Santa Antigua

I specifically timed my stay in Antigua to coincide with Semana Santa, the holy week directly preceding Easter.  The country as a whole celebrates the season with religious services, grand processions, and colorful street decorations, which culminate on Good … [Read More]


New Orleans

Our trip began with a rough start.  We had a 6:15am flight from Rochester, NY to Atlanta on Delta, where we would connect to a flight in New Orleans and arrive around 10am.  We had set the alarm for 4:30am, hoping to leave the house by 5:00 so that we could be … [Read More]