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You Don’t Have to Go Far to Travel

When I first moved to Richmond, I was diligent about spending my weekends exploring the area.  I went to local museums, asked around for suggestions on what to do, and took roadtrips around the state.  Some of my visits were genuine hits while others were just okay. Not only did I explore my own state, but I went to neighboring states.  I fell in love with West Virginia, … [Read More]

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Travel Gift Ideas for the Holidays

With less than a month until Christmas, holiday shopping season is full speed ahead!  If you're shopping for travel enthusiasts, here are 10 great holiday travel gift ideas listed in order of cost so that everyone can find something in their budget.  Just be … [Read More]


Last Minute Hotel Deals

Have you ever found yourself booking a hotel last minute?  I do this pretty regularly as we do a lot of car travel: we'll hit the road after work on a Friday, not sure how far we'll get before we get tired, and therefore unable to pre-book a hotel room since … [Read More]


How to Maximize Weekend Getaways

This fall, I've got a lot of regional travel planned.  There are a number of reasons for this, including the fact that it's busy season at work until mid-November and hard to get any time off.  I'm not one to sit at home, so in the meantime, I'll be chipping … [Read More]

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The Best Snorkel Tour on Big Island Hawaii

Hawaii may seem an odd choice for a girl who doesn't like to spend all day lounging on the beach, but I absolutely love to be on the water and the Big Island is the perfect destination for that. While I'm content on anything from a sailboat to a cruise … [Read More]


Save Money on Road Trips this Summer

While I've got some foreign travel planned for later this year, my summer is booked up with "near-cations".  In my case, this ends up being a lot of weekend getaways, almost all of them in my home state.  Virginia is beautiful this time of year (that is, if … [Read More]