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mexican independence day

Celebrating El Grito (Mexican Independence Day) on Isla Mujeres

Before a trip, I do reading and research, looking for the best places to visit, local foods to try, and unique activities I don't want to miss out.  All this planning helps me craft the trip that fits best for me. And then sometimes, I just happen to get lucky...like when I'm in Mexico for El Grito and the beginning celebrations of Mexican Independence Day. SPOILER … [Read More]

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The Route from Quito to Bellavista

More of Quito and Then Bellavista

This would be my last morning with my host family, and they wanted to take me through Old Quito to visit some of the churches.  This area has many streets blocked off on Sunday mornings and is accessible by foot only.  There we so many people out and going to … [Read More]

Our School Group in Ecuador

Ecuador for Spring Break!

As a college freshman, I was excited to find flyers advertising a school-sponsored trip to Ecuador over Spring Break.  Ecuador sounded so much cooler than spending a week in Miami or Cancun, so I spent a few months working extra hours at my on-campus job and … [Read More]


The Black Forest

Unfortunately, we woke up to rainy weather (a first on this trip) in Lindau and as such decided to skip our planned visits in Meersburg and Insel Mainau along the Bodensee. Instead, we drove directly to the southern Black Forest and incredibly enough, the … [Read More]


Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

6:10 PM. When I left home, the flight had been scheduled to depart at 5:53, already a delay from the original flight time, but there was an update by the time I made it to the airport. I sighed, not particularly happy to be sitting at the RIchmond airport … [Read More]