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Garrafon Park - Isla Mujeres - Tirolesa

I Love Cancun and I’m Not Afraid to Admit It

"Isn't Cancun just a bunch of resorts?" "There's nothing to do there except go to the beach!" "That's not real Mexico." I'll confess: the first time I went to the Riviera Maya, I was simply in search of a tropical vacation and an excuse to use my passport.  My sister and I found it, but we also discovered that the area has more to offer than just sun and … [Read More]

group travel

The Truth About Group Tours

Before this year, the last group tour I went on was a trip to Ecuador back in 2005.  I was brand new to international travel -- or to be honest, travel without my … [Read More]

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Old Town Rovinj

Where to Stay on the Istrian Coast

The Istrian peninsula of Croatia is dotted with seaside towns, each with their own personality.  While planning this trip, we weren't sure exactly where we wanted to stay but the beach in July isn't the best time to figure it out as you go along and … [Read More]