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Enjoying the canals throughout Amsterdam.

3 Merits of Rapid Travel

Growing up, almost all of my family vacations were roadtrips.  We'd pile in the car and drive a few hours down the road, stopping for the highlights of a city and then moving on to repeat the process the next day.  There aren't many times I can recollect staying somewhere for more than a night or two and so when I started planning my own trips, I followed suit.  The pace of … [Read More]

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North to Alaska, Introduction to a Success Story

Post courtesy of Becky's husband, Mike. For starters, I am the polar opposite of my wife.  Before I met her, travel to me had two components: when and where, and cost was not much of a consideration.  My former ignorant self thought ,“it costs what it costs … [Read More]


Airport Hotels: What Do You Look For?

I'm finally heading on vacation tonight, on a trip I've been looking forward to for months!  Like many Americans, I've got limited time off from work, so it probably won't surprise you that I'm on evening flights after putting in a full day of work at the … [Read More]


Should You Share US Airways Miles?

More so than any other airline, US Airways offers promotions for buying miles.  For the month of October, they're also offering a deal on "sharing" miles (i.e. transferring miles from one person to another), which is really just a fancy way to buy miles.  (Tip … [Read More]