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Eggplant for dinner.  Soo good (Peter Chang's)

Best Restaurants in Richmond, VA

If you had asked me what I liked about Richmond when I first moved down in 2010, my answer would probably be the city's central location for weekend getaways: it's less than two hours to the mountains (Shenandoah National Park and/or the Blue Ridge Mountains), the beach (Virginia Beach is underrated), and the city (Washington DC).  It's ironic that my answer would be based on … [Read More]

Yosemite National Park, California

America the Beautiful Pass

When traveling in the United States, my absolute favorite thing to do is visit national parks.  The amount of variety in natural settings within the USA is … [Read More]

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What Can You Find on The Girl and Globe?

I appreciate your patience on responding to comments, emails, and social media while I'm on spring break. I'm a casual blogger and don't spend a lot of time going over my website analytics, but one of the things that usually catches my eye are the search … [Read More]

Waterfalls in Juayua, El Salvador.  Photo from Virtual Tourist

Next Stop: El Salvador or Nicaragua?

I'm in a serious pickle.  I have a week off from work and a free flight available, but I'm unsure of where to go.  At this point, I need to tighten up details relatively quickly and I've been trying to decide on a destination on my own without any luck. So, … [Read More]


One-of-a-Kind Restaurants

Yesterday I posted about a few unusual hotels, but for those of you who aren't willing to stray from your preferred hotel chain, you can still join in on some of the fun simply by going out to eat.  I've always enjoyed novelty restaurants - anything from the … [Read More]