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fall in the finger lakes-1

Spending Fall in the Finger Lakes

I can't imagine living without four seasons.  I know some people love waking up and knowing it'll be blue skies and 75 degrees every day, but I think I'd miss the changing weather.  I love winter's snowy landscapes and excuses to play outside before snuggling up by the fire.  I can't get enough of spring's thunderstorms and the first blooming flowers, and I enjoy long, sunny … [Read More]

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Schloss Neuschwanstein as seen from Marienbruecke

Spectacular Neuschwanstein

We arrived in Hohenschwangau in the late afternoon after a scenic drive through the countryside. We instantly knew that we were in for a treat – from a scenery perspective, there is no doubt that this area was the most beautiful we visited. With the gorgeous … [Read More]

The Highlands Between Xela and Zunil

Misjudging Xela

When I arrived in Quetzaltenango, it was cold, rainy, and nearly dark.  I had spent all day on a series of bus rides from San Cristobal de las Casas, and all I wanted was something to go smoothly.  My host mother (a grandmother, really) arrived at the Spanish … [Read More]

Lazily floating down Somoto Canyon, Nicaragua.

Wish You Were Here: Married and Traveling Solo

I remember my first solo trip fondly: I joined a 10-day cruise to Alaska and tacked on a few extra days in Seattle and Vancouver to the trip for a tremendous getaway.  Before I went, I was incredibly nervous.  Would I be safe?  Would I be lonely?  Would I be … [Read More]

Blue Mosque Istanbul

5 Places I Haven’t Been To…Yet

While reading Rapid Travel Chai's most recent two-week vacation itinerary through Ex-Soviet Europe, I realized I was a little embarassed that I haven't yet traveled to Poland.  I've been to a lot of places in the world and have more incredible adventures … [Read More]