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The Truth About Winter Travel

I've never been one to balk at traveling to cold weather destinations.  I think Chicago in the winter is still a lot of fun and I froze my tushie off camping in Denali when it was 27 degrees outside.  Heck, I voluntarily spent a night at the ice hotel in Quebec.So why didn't I tough out New York City the same way?Physically, I thought I was prepared.  I was dressed … [Read More]

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Exploring Egypt

This guest post is by Jess of Tripelio. We all know that the Pyramid of Giza is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and most travellers would jump at the … [Read More]

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Should You Share US Airways Miles?

More so than any other airline, US Airways offers promotions for buying miles.  For the month of October, they're also offering a deal on "sharing" miles (i.e. transferring miles from one person to another), which is really just a fancy way to buy miles.  (Tip … [Read More]

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Is Competitours Better Than the Amazing Race?

Chances are, you've heard of the TV show The Amazing Race.  Pairs race around the world, not knowing where they're headed or how long they'll be there.  There are challenges -- planned and unplanned -- every day and teams are eliminated when they don't do well … [Read More]

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My First (and Last?) Overnight Train Ride

I absolutely love traveling by train, especially in regions where they have their act together with easy boarding and punctual schedules.  Compared to flying, rail travel is incredibly low-stress, spacious, comfortable, and often cheaper.  The obvious downside … [Read More]