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Enjoying the canals throughout Amsterdam.

3 Merits of Rapid Travel

Growing up, almost all of my family vacations were roadtrips.  We'd pile in the car and drive a few hours down the road, stopping for the highlights of a city and then moving on to repeat the process the next day.  There aren't many times I can recollect staying somewhere for more than a night or two and so when I started planning my own trips, I followed suit.  The pace of … [Read More]

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The Pineapple Room at Big Island Retreat (Kona, HI)

Using Airbnb to Save Money on Vacation

Five years ago, if you looked at my travel patterns you'd notice a definite lean toward low-end and mid-range hotels.  I stuck to a lot of American chains -- Holiday Inns and similar -- because easy and knowing exactly what to expect were things I valued a … [Read More]