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Leon Cathedral

What I Loved About León, Nicaragua

I'm back from a trip to Nicaragua -- a country you voted for me to visit.  The land of lakes and volcanoes ended up being a truly incredible destination and one you should put on your travel radar.  Although my first stop was in the colonial city of Granada, … [Read More]


An Overview of Current Car Rental Deals

I have one big gripe about car rental pricing, and it boils down to the fact that the best price isn't transparent at all.  When I book an airfare, I'm 99% confident that the price I'm paying is the best price available at that point in time.  When I book a … [Read More]

convertible denver

Six Steps to Landing a Cheap Convertible Rental

If there was anything that could cheer me up after the my bad luck with Thursday's flights, it was a rental Camero. I normally rent super-tiny economy cars (midsize when my husband is driving and I take pity on him), but I did splurge once on a Mustang in … [Read More]

richmond va craft breweries

Brewasana at a Richmond Craft Brewery

Sometime when I wasn't looking, Richmond's craft beer scene exploded.  The old standbys of Legend Brewing Co (the best view in Richmond) and Extra Billy's now have some stiff competition.  I've made it a mission to sample all of the beers at all of the … [Read More]