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The Best Coneys in Detroit: American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island

Detroit Coney Dogs: American vs. Lafayette

Detroit may not be the first city that comes to mind when you brainstorm culinary getaways, but for anyone looking to trade in Michelin stars for casual good eats, it's the perfect choice.  I'll gladly support deep dish pizza, craft brews, Greek specialties, Mexican plates, and some amazing Polish dinners (trust me, I'm an expert on that one.)  Out of all of Detroit's options, … [Read More]

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Lost and Delayed Luggage

My family just got back from Turkey, a destination high on my bucket list.  While most of their trip went smoothly, one of the bumps on the road they hit was when Turkish Airlines forgot to load their luggage (actually a whole binful's worth) onto the plane in … [Read More]


Common Travel Mistakes

Recently, Very Good Points and Just Another Points Traveler have shared some of their biggest travel "oops" moments.  I'm pretty sure mine was when I showed up for a flight a day early (better than a day late, right?), though throwing my ID out at the airport … [Read More]

canon de somoto the girl and globe 2

Floating through Somoto Canyon

Nestled in the mountains of Northern Nicaragua near the Honduran border, the Somoto Canyon is an impressive site.  The Coco River flows for miles, surrounded by vertical walls of up to 150 meters tall.  After the brown and dust of León, Somoto is a verdant … [Read More]

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Using BackBid to Better Your Reservations

Most people are "set it and forget it" when it comes to booking hotel reservations.  In other words, once you settle on the hotel you want, you make a reservation and don't change your mind unless for some reason you have to change your destination … [Read More]

hawaii volcanoes national park

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

What does the Big Island of Hawaii have that no other Hawaiian island can claim?  The world's youngest volcano, a record that seems fitting for the most recently added state in a young country.  Of course, the geological history of Kīlauea isn't the reason … [Read More]


Re-Visiting November 2012 Blog Posts

Somehow this year has just flown by; I'm having a lot of trouble believing that it's already November!  Since some of the same themes from my blog posts are coming back up, I thought I'd highlight a few of November 2012's blog posts since they're still … [Read More]