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Better Travel Photos in 5 Minutes or Less

I love sharing and reminiscing over old travel photos, but I hate the act of photography itself.  When I'm busy hiking, kayaking, or otherwise adventuring, it's inconvenient to carry expensive equipment and a slew of lenses.  I often don't have time to set up a tripod or wait for the light to be right.  And frankly, I often don't want to ruin the moment so that I can take … [Read More]

Completely worry-free at Garden of the Gods, Colorado

The Truth About How I Travel

If you read as many travel blogs as I do, you'll start to see the term "travel burn-out" pop up from time to time.  A year ago, I had no idea what that could … [Read More]

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The Truth About Group Tours

Before this year, the last group tour I went on was a trip to Ecuador back in 2005.  I was brand new to international travel -- or to be honest, travel without my family -- and so an escorted tour seemed like the perfect fit.  Even though I had a fantastic … [Read More]

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Our Final Day Onboard the Spirit

After our day in Cozumel, we had evening appointments for manicures.  Our travel agent had given us $100 ship credit (like a gift certificate to be used onboard) and we had decided to treat ourselves in the spa.Cruising Central America on the Norwegian … [Read More]


Travel to Charlottesville Virginia

Without a doubt, fall is my favorite time of year in Virginia for the bright, scenic colors and brisk air.  This beautiful setting, combined with my personal goal of seeing more on my east coast bucket list, was an inspiration to head to lovely … [Read More]