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How Going to the Yukon Led to A Proposal

Early in a September morning, the Celebrity Millennium docked in Skagway.  The year was 2009 and I was having the absolute time of my life cruising through Alaska.  I was traveling solo -- a rarity on cruise ships -- but the trip was already the best vacation I'd ever taken, and I was only halfway through the sailing. Even though my cruise experience was already amazing, … [Read More]

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Blue Mosque Istanbul

5 Places I Haven’t Been To…Yet

While reading Rapid Travel Chai's most recent two-week vacation itinerary through Ex-Soviet Europe, I realized I was a little embarassed that I haven't yet traveled to Poland.  I've been to a lot of places in the world and have more incredible adventures … [Read More]

Photo courtesy of Ed Welch Photography.  I highly recommend perusing his online gallery for more gorgeous photos of the city and surrounding area!

10+ Things to Do in Rochester, NY

Although I live in Virginia now, I spent most of my life in Rochester, NY, which is a mid-sized city on Lake Ontario, a city that's "made for living".  It's not an area that most people consider for vacation, which is a bit of a shame because it has a … [Read More]


A Day at Costa Maya, Mexico

We docked in Costa Maya at 10am and had until 5:30 to explore this port.  Cindy and I were so excited that we were some of the first people off the ship.  The port area was a little tacky, but who cared??  It was bright and sunny and a perfect day for … [Read More]


A Few More Resources for Mileage Redemptions

To conclude my mini-series on free websites that might help with your travel planning, I have a few other sites to share in addition to PointHub and MileWise. 1) Milez.biz I had never heard about Milez.biz until infamousdx posted about it, but I love it … [Read More]


Which Comes First?

Have you ever tried to plan a trip only to realize that flight availability is nada?  That the miles you've worked so hard to save are impossible to redeem? Okay, I shouldn't say impossible.  I could get a seat if buy my own positioning ticket to JFK, fly … [Read More]