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The Truth About Winter Travel

I've never been one to balk at traveling to cold weather destinations.  I think Chicago in the winter is still a lot of fun and I froze my tushie off camping in Denali when it was 27 degrees outside.  Heck, I voluntarily spent a night at the ice hotel in Quebec.So why didn't I tough out New York City the same way?Physically, I thought I was prepared.  I was dressed … [Read More]

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Exploring Egypt

This guest post is by Jess of Tripelio. We all know that the Pyramid of Giza is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and most travellers would jump at the … [Read More]

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Tested to My Limits on the Vang Vieng Challenge

It all started last November when I decided to head to the beach and take some of the world's cheapest surfing lessons.  I figured I'd have some fun and earn some bragging rights.  Besides -- it only cost $20 to get started.  I was standing up and riding baby … [Read More]

Lazily floating down Somoto Canyon, Nicaragua.

Wish You Were Here: Married and Traveling Solo

I remember my first solo trip fondly: I joined a 10-day cruise to Alaska and tacked on a few extra days in Seattle and Vancouver to the trip for a tremendous getaway.  Before I went, I was incredibly nervous.  Would I be safe?  Would I be lonely?  Would I be … [Read More]


How to Avoid Airline Lost Luggage

My family just got back from Turkey, and temporarily had to deal with lost luggage.  While most of their trip went smoothly, one of the bumps on the road they hit was when Turkish Airlines forgot to load their luggage onto the plane in Istanbul.  Luckily, … [Read More]

laos homestay

Ditch the Hotel and Try a Homestay on Vacation

I have a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad confession: seeking out local culture is not one of the first things I look for when planning a trip.  I went to Nicaragua for the volcanoes, Laos for adventure, and Europe for a competition.  On all those trips … [Read More]