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You Did What?! Tell Me the Crazy, Cool, Life-Changing Stories of Your Travel

Imagine this: you and 299 strangers are put into a room and the only thing you know about each other is that you share a love for travel.  Instantly, that's where every conversation is steered and in the process, you hear dozens of incredible stories from people's adventures.  Maybe some people studied abroad, others took a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and others pack their bags … [Read More]


The Evolution of My Travels

A year or two ago, I craved travel to an insatiable degree.  Simply put, I was in a dark place and chose travel as my distraction of choice.  I lived, breathed, and … [Read More]

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Hotels of All Shapes and Sizes

I may blog about miles and points, but truthfully, at least half of my hotel stays don't earn rewards.  That's treason in this corner of the internet, but it's a reality for me.  Most of my non-chain hotel stays are because I end up at destinations that aren't … [Read More]

Waterfalls in Juayua, El Salvador.  Photo from Virtual Tourist

Next Stop: El Salvador or Nicaragua?

I'm in a serious pickle.  I have a week off from work and a free flight available, but I'm unsure of where to go.  At this point, I need to tighten up details relatively quickly and I've been trying to decide on a destination on my own without any luck.So, … [Read More]

Sunset in Ao Nang, Thailand

What I Learned By Traveling With a Stranger

If I told you I was going to spend four weeks traveling with someone I barely knew, what would you say?High off the excitement from my Competitours trip through Europe, I was beyond shocked when I got an email from the group leader emailed me to ask if … [Read More]


Hertz Young Renter Fee Waiver Extended

A few months ago, I shared how to waive the underage driver fee when renting with Hertz.  This is a big deal since surcharges can top $25/day - sometimes more than the rental cost itself!  I'm happy to announce that the offer which was previously set to expire … [Read More]