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mexican independence day

Celebrating El Grito (Mexican Independence Day) on Isla Mujeres

Before a trip, I do reading and research, looking for the best places to visit, local foods to try, and unique activities I don't want to miss out.  All this planning helps me craft the trip that fits best for me. And then sometimes, I just happen to get lucky...like when I'm in Mexico for El Grito and the beginning celebrations of Mexican Independence Day. SPOILER … [Read More]

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8 Tips for Rafting the Gauley River

If you're looking for a whitewater adventure in the eastern USA, you can't do better than the Gauley River.  You'll find big water with mostly class IV or V rapids.  Still, throughout the trip you'll still be in a fairly tight gorge, which is great both for … [Read More]

View from Lancaster

Lancaster, England

When my friend Erin told me she'd be living in Lancaster, I had to laugh...I'd be going from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania all the way across the ocean to Lancaster, England! My First Trip to Europe: Introduction My First Transatlantic Flight Welcome … [Read More]

German Roadtrip

Highlights of Southern Germany: An Introduction

My husband has wanted to go to Germany for years, so this was a dream trip for him. Absolute “must-sees” from my husband’s dream trip were the Munich Oktoberfest and the Black Forest…two regions that ordinarily would not be grouped together. As such, we … [Read More]

Photo Courtesy of Auberge Saint Antoine

How Do You Choose a Hotel?

If you looked at the hotel stays I've made and/or reserved, you'd swear I'm scatterbrained.  There's no rhyme or rule to the types of places I choose and it's unlikely you'll guess what place I'll stay at next.  Other people have obvious patterns in their … [Read More]

Schloss Neuschwanstein as seen from Marienbruecke

Spectacular Neuschwanstein

We arrived in Hohenschwangau in the late afternoon after a scenic drive through the countryside. We instantly knew that we were in for a treat – from a scenery perspective, there is no doubt that this area was the most beautiful we visited. With the gorgeous … [Read More]