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Better Travel Photos in 5 Minutes or Less

I love sharing and reminiscing over old travel photos, but I hate the act of photography itself.  When I'm busy hiking, kayaking, or otherwise adventuring, it's inconvenient to carry expensive equipment and a slew of lenses.  I often don't have time to set up a tripod or wait for the light to be right.  And frankly, I often don't want to ruin the moment so that I can take … [Read More]

Completely worry-free at Garden of the Gods, Colorado

The Truth About How I Travel

If you read as many travel blogs as I do, you'll start to see the term "travel burn-out" pop up from time to time.  A year ago, I had no idea what that could … [Read More]

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La Tour Eiffel

Welcome to Paris!

The train was comfortable and fast.  I found that the excitement of the Chunnel was overrated; from my seat in the train, it really was just a very long tunnel.  The darkness helped put me to sleep and I napped for about an hour before waking up in time to … [Read More]


An Introduction to Amtrak

If you've ever looked at last-minute airfare costs, I'm sure it wouldn't surprise you to hear that a ticket for a nonstop itinerary from my home airport to New York City was going for $1500 when I wanted to purchase just a day in advance.  One-stop itineraries … [Read More]


A Drive Through the Southwest

For the first time ever, my plan for vacation was not to cram my vacation.  I've definitely been known in the past to over-plan, making sure we hit all the best places and eat at all the best restaurants on a relatively tight schedule.  It doesn't work. … [Read More]


Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Confession: Before this year, I've never purchased travel insurance.  It's not that I'm particularly careful while traveling; in fact, I go out of my way to try adventure activities, eat street food, and seek out remote destinations.  I've always expected to … [Read More]