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Top Cool Travel Experiences

Today marks one full month of staying in Richmond without going anywhere.  No weekend camping trips, no weddings to attend, no business trips, and no getaways.  I honestly can't remember the last time this happened.  (I can hear it now - woe is me!).Believe it or not, I'm tremendously happy about this.  I even have two more weeks to go until I leave town again...unless, of … [Read More]

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Anti-Theft Underwear

The most expensive underwear I own isn't a lacey pair from Victoria's Secret or a silk number from La Perla.  That's right: I paid $23 for a single pair of boyshorts in a rayon/spandex blend and they're not even particularly cute.  Of course, I didn't buy them … [Read More]

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Seven Tales About Public Transportation in Guatemala

Public transportation in Central America is surprisingly effective: you can get to just about anywhere, pick your own schedule due to frequent departures, and even an all day journey will likely cost you less than $10.That said, it's not always a pleasant … [Read More]