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How to Create the Ultimate Roadtrip Playlist

For my husband and I, summer and roadtrips are nearly synonymous.  We hop in the car almost every weekend, heading out for camping adventures, family events, and local travel.  Frankly, we're masters of our own roadtrip routine but this past trip was a stretch even for us: 25 hours in the car in a single weekend.   With that much time in the car, music becomes crucial not … [Read More]

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Would You Share a Room with a Stranger?

There are a lot of benefits to traveling solo, but one of the obvious downsides is that it can be significantly more expensive than traveling with one or more companions.  A hotel room for one typically costs just as much for one person as it would for two … [Read More]


Guess Where I Am

Let's play a game: with just a few clues and a handful of photos, you guess the city I'm currently in.  First person to guess correctly in the comments gets bragging rights and a postcard from me.  (EDIT: Winner has been contacted!) Without knowing anything … [Read More]