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The Best Coneys in Detroit: American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island

Detroit Coney Dogs: American vs. Lafayette

Detroit may not be the first city that comes to mind when you brainstorm culinary getaways, but for anyone looking to trade in Michelin stars for casual good eats, it's the perfect choice.  I'll gladly support deep dish pizza, craft brews, Greek specialties, Mexican plates, and some amazing Polish dinners (trust me, I'm an expert on that one.)  Out of all of Detroit's options, … [Read More]

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Three Resources for Booking a Cruise

Last week, I shared a few of cruising's top misconceptions.  It's not the type of travel for everyone, but I enjoy it for very different reasons than I enjoy more traditionally-based vacations, and millions of other people must enjoy it as well, based on the … [Read More]

Lake Bled, Slovenia

A Slovenia Itinerary: One Week in Slovenia

For a small country, Slovenia has a lot to offer.  The few days I spent there didn't do it justice and I'm already dreaming of an opportunity to return (not to mention, my husband is begging me to show him around).  Allowing a full week will give you a great … [Read More]


My Travel Dreams

I have a bucket list a mile long related to travel, ranging from visiting world heritage sites to sampling crazy foods and participating in new adventures.  I know I'll make a good dent in that list within my lifetime, but for the most part, I add two new … [Read More]

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Broke 20-Somethings in Baden-Baden

If I were filthy rich, my next vacation would be at an Aman resort.  If I simply had a relatively high amount of discretionary money, I'd return to Baden-Baden. This is a tourist town that is entirely successful at separating tourists from their cash. … [Read More]