Earn Miles By Requesting Insurance Quotes

Unless you do a lot of flying or credit card churning, it can take a long time to rack up frequent flyer miles.  However, free miles still add up over time and can help you get to that next award more quickly.  Insurance quotes will often offer miles for free, even if you don’t end up signing a new policy.  Admittedly, these can take 5 minutes of tedious questions, but it’s not a bad idea to see what other prices are out there anyway.  If you’re willing to answer a few questions and are a United States resident, here are a few free bonus miles. (Hint: Use a fake phone number or else agents will definitely follow up to sell you a policy!)

Sentry Insurance (maximum 3,000 miles per household per year, so choose your mileage programs strategically; valid only for residents of AZ, CO, IL, IN, KS, MN, OH, TN and WI):

21st Century Insurance (once per year):

Liberty Mutual (once per year; void in AL, GA, HI, IA, MA, ME, MD, MO, NJ, NV, NY, PA, UT):

  • 500 Hawaiian Miles (note that while the landing page on Hawaiian Airlines exists, there is no mention of a bonus offer on the Liberty Mutual website itself – you may want screenshots to verify)
Esurance (once per household per year; only residents of AL, AZ, CA, KY, MN, SC, and WA)
Farmer’s Insurance Hawaii (Hawaiian residents only; once per year)
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  1. Samuel says

    I did the Liberty Mutual Delta offer about 6 months ago (don’t know if this offer still exists). Never did get the miles, but don’t think I’ll bother fighting for them since I never took screenshots and it is just 500 skypesos after all.

    I also did the Sentry AA offer earlier this year and got the 1500 miles within a couple weeks! It is a pain though having to give all your information to an agent over the phone and knowing all along your only in it for the miles :)

  2. Ken Wanamaker says

    In many instances, insurance companies will initiate a credit inquiry as part of their underwriting. This could result in an adverse “hit” to your credit score.

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