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Ghent, Belgium - a town I didn't plan on visiting but ended up loving.

Why You Should Go to Ghent

With all due respect to Belgium, Brussels isn't one of my favorite cities.  Their beer is fantastic, but that was the highlight of my 2007 visit.  My return in June 2014 was a little better since I basically ate my weight in chocolate, but still, it's not a city I have any desire to return to. Ghent, on the other hand, is a remarkably beautiful town and it's just 30 minutes … [Read More]

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A Pre-Vacation Checklist

I tend to spend most of my time planning for a vacation and not actually getting organized, but with a little thought ahead of time, you can take care of all your loose ends so you don't stress out when you return home! One Month Before Your … [Read More]


The Appalachian Trail Turns 75 Today!

There are many different ways to travel, and on blogs like this one, there tends to be an emphasis on flying (with a few sidenotes on trains, automobiles, or boats).  You don't see a lot of mention about traveling on your own two feet!  However, there are a … [Read More]

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Toronto Travel Traditions

I didn't realize that traveling isn't a part of everyone's life until I got to college and learned that many of my classmates had never been farther away from home than a six-hour drive would take them.  My very awesome parents planned out family vacations … [Read More]

Chicago Skyline

7 Places I Could Return to Over and Over

In January, my husband and I spent a four-day weekend driving from Bozeman, Montana to Spokane, Washington and exploring a few spots inbetween.  Even though we never intended this trip to be a "vacation" (we had some personal business in the area), I had hoped … [Read More]