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Enjoying the canals throughout Amsterdam.

3 Merits of Rapid Travel

Growing up, almost all of my family vacations were roadtrips.  We'd pile in the car and drive a few hours down the road, stopping for the highlights of a city and then moving on to repeat the process the next day.  There aren't many times I can recollect staying somewhere for more than a night or two and so when I started planning my own trips, I followed suit.  The pace of … [Read More]

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Have You Tried Cancelon Yet?

I've had mostly great results with nonrefundable hotel rates over the past few years.  I often save 10-20% because of them when I know my plans are set in stone, and I've saved hundreds of dollars by using sites like Priceline/Hotwire for hotel guessing … [Read More]


Is Ljubljana the Loveliest Small City in Europe?

Even after just one trip to Europe, I had trouble deciding where my favorite city was.  Each time I returned, it just got harder since I've enjoyed a lot of places I've been to and would love to return.  I've stopped trying to rank my favorites and instead … [Read More]