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The Best of Laos: My Favorite Experiences

Every year, there's a country or two that captures my interest more than the others I've visited.  I thought Switzerland would be the "winner" by a landslide in 2014 but I was wrong.  After spending 10 days in Laos, my reaction is that I simply want to explore even more of this small nation.  I only had time to visit three cities, but I had one fascinating experience after … [Read More]

Overlooking a town and the Atlas Mountains from my "private" kasbah

How to Avoid Tourist Traps

For the longest time, I thought the best way to have an authentically local experience was to avoid touristy cities.  I've gone out of my way to visit places like … [Read More]

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American Airlines Reduced Mileage Rewards Updated Routes

Typically, award redemptions for travel in the US/Canada begin at 25,000 miles for economy class or 50,000 miles for business/first, but if you hold a Citi American Airlines AAdvantage credit card, you'll be eligible to book awards at a reduced mileage level.  … [Read More]


Earn Frequent Flyer Miles When You Buy a Car

Believe it or not, you might be able to drive up your frequent flyer balances quite significantly next time you buy a car.  The obvious way to do that is to pay with your credit card, but given high processing fees, dealers typically aren't keen to accept that … [Read More]


My Take on TripIt Pro

About a month ago, I mentioned that I was playing around with TripIt Pro.  TripIt is a free service that basically organizes all your flight, hotel, and car rental reservations into a single plan.  You can set it up to automatically scan your inbox for email … [Read More]


Returning to New Orleans

It was depressing to eat breakfast onboard and not have a schedule to look over for the day.  Cindy and I would really miss the Spirit.  She is a beautiful ship with wonderful crew and was a terrific symbol of the fun we had over the past week. Cruising … [Read More]