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Garrafon Park - Isla Mujeres - Tirolesa

I Love Cancun and I’m Not Afraid to Admit It

"Isn't Cancun just a bunch of resorts?" "There's nothing to do there except go to the beach!" "That's not real Mexico." I'll confess: the first time I went to the Riviera Maya, I was simply in search of a tropical vacation and an excuse to use my passport.  My sister and I found it, but we also discovered that the area has more to offer than just sun and … [Read More]

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The Truth About Group Tours

Before this year, the last group tour I went on was a trip to Ecuador back in 2005.  I was brand new to international travel -- or to be honest, travel without my … [Read More]

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Google Flights is Great Tool for Travel Options

I have this major problem when it comes to deciding where to go on vacation: I want to go everywhere.  That makes it incredibly difficult to narrow the world down to where I can go  in 17 vacation days + weekends, and price can be one tool to help narrow the … [Read More]


Hertz Young Renter Fee Waiver Extended

A few months ago, I shared how to waive the underage driver fee when renting with Hertz.  This is a big deal since surcharges can top $25/day - sometimes more than the rental cost itself!  I'm happy to announce that the offer which was previously set to expire … [Read More]

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Top 5 Best Hikes in Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains

Hiking is one of the hobbies that I love to take advantage of whether I'm home or far away.  This year's travels have taken me to some great hikes like the Julian Alps or Ape Cave, but more often than not, I'm hiking much closer to home.  Virginia might not be … [Read More]


Giving Thanks for Travel

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers!  I'm hoping that Winter Storm Boreas didn't delay you too much with snowy roads and cancelled flights.  I'll be spending the day eating way too much food with family and generally enjoying some quiet … [Read More]