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The Real Deal: Total Guatemala Travel Costs (for 2 Months!)

"You're traveling for two months?  How are you going to afford that?" I heard that question before I left home and again once I was in Guatemala.  To the average American who only has two weeks of vacation time a year and thus spends their whole travel budget in two weeks, it seemed impossible to stretch a budget that far.  Their expressions started in disbelief and quickly … [Read More]

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Donating Your Frequent Flyer Miles

I've got a few TrueBlue points set to expire in early February from a flight to Puerto Rico last year, and unlike other mileage programs, there aren't a lot of options to keep my points from expiring.  The only way to reset the expiration date are to either … [Read More]

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Exploring the Sumidero Canyon

Without a doubt, Chiapas isn't given credit for being the incredible destination it is, but it gained a bit more awareness in 2009 when Sumidero Canyon National Park was a candidate for the Seven New Natural Wonders of the World.  The canyon didn't move very … [Read More]


Travel to Charlottesville Virginia

Without a doubt, fall is my favorite time of year in Virginia for the bright, scenic colors and brisk air.  This beautiful setting, combined with my personal goal of seeing more on my east coast bucket list, was an inspiration to head to lovely … [Read More]