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The Real Deal: Total Guatemala Travel Costs (for 2 Months!)

"You're traveling for two months?  How are you going to afford that?" I heard that question before I left home and again once I was in Guatemala.  To the average American who only has two weeks of vacation time a year and thus spends their whole travel budget in two weeks, it seemed impossible to stretch a budget that far.  Their expressions started in disbelief and quickly … [Read More]

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Save on Hertz Young Renter Fee

I'll admit, I was a "young renter" not that long ago and car rental surcharges of roughly $25/day for drivers 21-24 can really add up on vacation.  I'm afraid to tell you what it cost to rent a car for our wedding a few years ago since I still cringe from that … [Read More]

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The Golden Circle: Iceland in All Its Glory

Before my trip to Iceland, I was befuddled by the Golden Circle.  It's included in just about every tourist publication ever written, but the words meant nothing to me.  I could spurt off a description of it in no time flat -- it's a popular day trip from … [Read More]