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Southern California Vacation: Getting Outside in San Diego

Any traveler will tell you that San Diego is picture-perfect: Days are warm and sunny, the beach is nearby, and the scenery is mesmerizing. Although the city's history, restaurants, and museums are worthwhile, San Diego is the ideal outdoor getaway. Choose one of the hotels in San Diego that puts you in the heart of things and lets you relax when you're done sightseeing for the … [Read More]

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Ready for our bus departure at 11:30

Is Competitours Better Than the Amazing Race?

Chances are, you've heard of the TV show The Amazing Race.  Pairs race around the world, not knowing where they're headed or how long they'll be there.  There are challenges -- planned and unplanned -- every day and teams are eliminated when they don't do well … [Read More]

becky on pacaya volcano

Hiking Pacaya Volcano

For years, Pacaya was the "must do" tour outside Antigua.  What could be more interesting than getting up close to molten lava, especially without the rules and restrictions that countries ususally place on otherwise fun adventures.  But in Guatemala, you were … [Read More]


Impromptu Visit to the Rhine Valley

We woke up in Baden-Baden not truly sure what to do.  Originally, we expected to spend most of the day walking through town but we decided against that plan in part because we didn't have money to live it up in Baden-Baden and also due to being "ahead of … [Read More]

Enjoying the canals throughout Amsterdam.

3 Merits of Rapid Travel

Growing up, almost all of my family vacations were roadtrips.  We'd pile in the car and drive a few hours down the road, stopping for the highlights of a city and then moving on to repeat the process the next day.  There aren't many times I can recollect … [Read More]

Morocco 822

Battle of the Business Class Flights

After much deliberation, I booked business class award tickets for my trip to Morocco.  I had a really hard time deciding between coach & business class (after all, that 20,000-mile premium would buy me a reduced mileage award making the opportunity cost … [Read More]