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ploughing rice field luang prabang laos

Planting Rice on the Living Land Farm in Laos

Out of all the foods in the world, rice is one of my least favorite things to eat.  It ranks right up there with fruitcake and SPAM.  I avoid it as much as possible, but in Laos, rice is life.  They eat it breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so I figured I might as well make an effort to learn about it.Just because I don't like to eat rice doesn't mean I don't appreciate a good … [Read More]

Completely worry-free at Garden of the Gods, Colorado

The Truth About How I Travel

If you read as many travel blogs as I do, you'll start to see the term "travel burn-out" pop up from time to time.  A year ago, I had no idea what that could … [Read More]

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canon de somoto the girl and globe 2

Floating through Somoto Canyon

Nestled in the mountains of Northern Nicaragua near the Honduran border, the Somoto Canyon is an impressive site.  The Coco River flows for miles, surrounded by vertical walls of up to 150 meters tall.  After the brown and dust of León, Somoto is a verdant … [Read More]

glacier 1

Glacier Trekking on Mendenhall Glacier (Juneau)

It looked like it was going to pour when I woke up in Juneau.  Suddenly, I was really regretting for signing up for an all-day glacier trek instead of staying snuggled up in cruise cabin.  But they say there's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable … [Read More]

fall in the finger lakes-1

Spending Fall in the Finger Lakes

I can't imagine living without four seasons.  I know some people love waking up and knowing it'll be blue skies and 75 degrees every day, but I think I'd miss the changing weather.  I love winter's snowy landscapes and excuses to play outside before snuggling … [Read More]


A Capricious Day in Florabama

When I booked my $59 flight to Florida, I called this trip my first ever mileage run.  In reality, it wasn't a mileage run at all.  My flight had absolutely no bearing on whether or not I'll earn status with US Airways (I won't) and while the 3,264 miles I … [Read More]


Online Dating for Frequent Flyers

If you're always traveling, it might be difficult to meet people and/or cultivate relationships.  Making a date in your hometown isn't so simple when you're gone most of the time.  And based on awkward it can be for me to explain what a mileage run is to my … [Read More]