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Initial Thoughts on Guatemala

Now that I've been in Guatemala for awhile -- longer than most "normal" trips I've taken -- I think it's fair to share a few of my initial thoughts and impressions.  I'm sure my views will change as I experience more things and settle in more fully and I'm excited that for once I'll be here long enough to have that opportunity! 1. The New Normal Sure, a few things are … [Read More]


What is Value Travel?

Right now I'm traveling through Guatemala, riding buses for $1, eating $2 meals, and sleeping in $10 private rooms.  Some of this is just because Guatemala is a … [Read More]

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Top 5 Best Hikes in Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains

Hiking is one of the hobbies that I love to take advantage of whether I'm home or far away.  This year's travels have taken me to some great hikes like the Julian Alps or Ape Cave, but more often than not, I'm hiking much closer to home.  Virginia might not be … [Read More]

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Anti-Theft Underwear

The most expensive underwear I own isn't a lacey pair from Victoria's Secret or a silk number from La Perla.  That's right: I paid $23 for a single pair of boyshorts in a rayon/spandex blend and they're not even particularly cute.  Of course, I didn't buy them … [Read More]

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Toronto Travel Traditions

I didn't realize that traveling isn't a part of everyone's life until I got to college and learned that many of my classmates had never been farther away from home than a six-hour drive would take them.  My very awesome parents planned out family vacations … [Read More]

Mountain View at Bellavista

Bellavista and Back to Quito

This morning, I woke up to the sound of birds sweetly singing in the Bellavista cloud forest.  I had overslept and missed the guided birdwatching in the morning.  Though I was a little disappointed, I knew I needed the sleep before our hike today.  Last night, … [Read More]


A Capricious Day in Florabama

When I booked my $59 flight to Florida, I called this trip my first ever mileage run.  In reality, it wasn't a mileage run at all.  My flight had absolutely no bearing on whether or not I'll earn status with US Airways (I won't) and while the 3,264 miles I … [Read More]