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Volcano Boarding on Cerro Negro

Although there were a lot of things about Nicaragua that appealed to me, I'll be honest: the number one reason I wanted to visit was for the volcanoes.  Smoking Masaya was the first of three volcanoes I visited, but Cerro Negro was the most adventurous.  After … [Read More]

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How to Afford More Frequent Travel

Earlier this summer, my husband and I moved in to a house with 4 roommates and the two of us shared a single car.  We gave up restaurant meals, TV, and even made do with holes in our sneakers that had literally been worn for hundreds (thousands?) of … [Read More]

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Six Steps to Landing a Cheap Convertible Rental

If there was anything that could cheer me up after the my bad luck with Thursday's flights, it was a rental Camero. I normally rent super-tiny economy cars (midsize when my husband is driving and I take pity on him), but I did splurge once on a Mustang in … [Read More]

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Cooking Iguana Soup in Nicaragua

Note: This post is not intended for members of PETA, reptile lovers, vegetarians, or the easily offended.  Please read with an open mind.Food is a major part of traveling for me.  I enjoy seeking out the best restaurants, sampling street foods, and taking … [Read More]