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Enchanted Circle Drive New Mexico

Driving The Enchanted Circle: A Photo Essay

Is there anything more beautiful than fall foliage? Yes.   It gets even more beautiful when you add snow to the mix. It was pure luck that the day I drove the Enchanted Circle scenic byway out of Taos that a layer of snow had blanketed the area overnight.  The vivid yellow aspens against New Mexico's cloudless skies is a sight to behold all autumn long but with fresh … [Read More]

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canon del sumidero

Exploring the Sumidero Canyon

Without a doubt, Chiapas isn't given credit for being the incredible destination it is, but it gained a bit more awareness in 2009 when Sumidero Canyon National Park was a candidate for the Seven New Natural Wonders of the World.  The canyon didn't move very … [Read More]

cerro negro 8 the girl and globe

Volcano Boarding on Cerro Negro

Although there were a lot of things about Nicaragua that appealed to me, I'll be honest: the number one reason I wanted to visit was for the volcanoes.  Smoking Masaya was the first of three volcanoes I visited, but Cerro Negro was the most adventurous.  After … [Read More]


Spice Up Your Travels with ZOZI

I'd like to introduce a new series on The Girl and Globe - Website Wednesdays.  Each week, I'll be taking a look at a travel-related website and giving my take on what it's useful for.  If you're looking for previous website reviews, you'll find them all under … [Read More]


Donating Your Frequent Flyer Miles

I've got a few TrueBlue points set to expire in early February from a flight to Puerto Rico last year, and unlike other mileage programs, there aren't a lot of options to keep my points from expiring.  The only way to reset the expiration date are to either … [Read More]


Travel Tweeters and Why You Should Follow Them

Follow Friday (#ff) is a good concept: share the names on Twitter who you enjoy following, and maybe your recommendations will help someone else find a new person to connect with.  Over time, Follow Friday has turned into a list of names with no explanations … [Read More]