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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite travel gadgets

Why the Amazon Kindle is the Best Travel Gadget I Ever Bought

I originally purchased my Amazon Kindle solely for travel: as much as I love the feel of physical books, it just isn't practical to carry several books in my suitcase.  I figured I'd "make do" with the Kindle while traveling to save valuable space and weight in my carry on.These days, I have my entire book collection with me at all times (it holds up to 1,000 books) and yet … [Read More]

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travel medicine

First Steps in Taking Care of Your Travel Health

For most of my travels, my health preparations are nothing more than absent-mindedly throwing a first aid kit into my suitcase.  I take standard precautions to keep myself healthy, such as washing my hands, avoiding insect bites, and being careful about what … [Read More]

Frankfurt Germany at night

One Night in Frankfurt

It's no secret (and I make no apologies) that I prefer small towns, quaint villages, and the great outdoors to big cities.  The city lifestyle isn't for me and I tend to avoid it on vacations as well.  My husband, on the other hand, loves nightlife, … [Read More]

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite travel gadgets

Take Your Local Library With You on Vacation

Last week, Tiff on Heels First Travel shared a photo of library travel guides that looked surprisingly like my living room when I'm in the midst of choosing a destination.  However, more often than not, the library is a part of my travel routine for another … [Read More]