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The Best of Laos: My Favorite Experiences

Every year, there's a country or two that captures my interest more than the others I've visited.  I thought Switzerland would be the "winner" by a landslide in 2014 but I was wrong.  After spending 10 days in Laos, my reaction is that I simply want to explore even more of this small nation.  I only had time to visit three cities, but I had one fascinating experience after … [Read More]

Overlooking a town and the Atlas Mountains from my "private" kasbah

How to Avoid Tourist Traps

For the longest time, I thought the best way to have an authentically local experience was to avoid touristy cities.  I've gone out of my way to visit places like … [Read More]

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A Few More Resources for Mileage Redemptions

To conclude my mini-series on free websites that might help with your travel planning, I have a few other sites to share in addition to PointHub and MileWise. 1) Milez.biz I had never heard about Milez.biz until infamousdx posted about it, but I love it … [Read More]


Re-Visiting November 2012 Blog Posts

Somehow this year has just flown by; I'm having a lot of trouble believing that it's already November!  Since some of the same themes from my blog posts are coming back up, I thought I'd highlight a few of November 2012's blog posts since they're still … [Read More]


Norwegian Spirit and Our First Sea Day

Walking next to the Norwegian Spirit is incredible - these ships really are huge and since neither of us had cruised before, we had no idea what to expect.  This would be our floating resort for the next week and we were sure we would have  a great … [Read More]

Photo courtesy of Ed Welch Photography.  I highly recommend perusing his online gallery for more gorgeous photos of the city and surrounding area!

10+ Things to Do in Rochester, NY

Although I live in Virginia now, I spent most of my life in Rochester, NY, which is a mid-sized city on Lake Ontario, a city that's "made for living".  It's not an area that most people consider for vacation, which is a bit of a shame because it has a … [Read More]