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new york city on a budget

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting New York City on a Budget

Stepping off the bus in New York City and into the metro station, I thought I had found gold.  God only knows when the metro ticket I found was from, but it already had $8 loaded on it.  Too bad that  didn't even last my first evening so I ended up buying a 7-day metro pass anyway.Before I knew it, I was buying a $6 latte in Korea Town just to warm up.  Then I was buying a … [Read More]

panorama brooklyn bridge

The Truth About Winter Travel

I've never been one to balk at traveling to cold weather destinations.  I think Chicago in the winter is still a lot of fun and I froze my tushie off camping in … [Read More]

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happy birthday

Three Reasons to Add Your Birthday to Your Accounts

I tend to share as little personal information as possible in reward programs, but a few months ago, Points, Miles & Martinis inspired me to add my birthday to my accounts.   Sure enough, now that it's my birthday, I can vouch for a few reasons why it's … [Read More]

richmond va craft breweries

Brewasana at a Richmond Craft Brewery

Sometime when I wasn't looking, Richmond's craft beer scene exploded.  The old standbys of Legend Brewing Co (the best view in Richmond) and Extra Billy's now have some stiff competition.  I've made it a mission to sample all of the beers at all of the … [Read More]

Sleeping Bear Dunes Michigan

It’s 2015 – Where Will I Go?

It's a new year, and I don't want to replicate 2014.  Two or three trips a year will never be enough for me, but traveling all the time wasn't right either.  I intend to get back to my travel roots this year, which means a lot more travel within the United … [Read More]