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Spending Fall in the Finger Lakes

I can't imagine living without four seasons.  I know some people love waking up and knowing it'll be blue skies and 75 degrees every day, but I think I'd miss the changing weather.  I love winter's snowy landscapes and excuses to play outside before snuggling up by the fire.  I can't get enough of spring's thunderstorms and the first blooming flowers, and I enjoy long, sunny … [Read More]

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Overrated Lindau & the Bodensee

Every once in awhile, I plan a trip (or part of a trip) that ends up being a disappointment.  After several wonderful days in Germany, we were underwhelmed with the Bodensee. Highlights of Southern Germany An Introduction to Our Trip Munich & … [Read More]

Eggplant for dinner.  Soo good (Peter Chang's)

Best Restaurants in Richmond, VA

If you had asked me what I liked about Richmond when I first moved down in 2010, my answer would probably be the city's central location for weekend getaways; it's less than two hours to the mountains (Shenandoah National Park and/or the Blue Ridge Mountains), … [Read More]

A snow mural that seemed designed just for me!

How to Dress (and Pack!) For Winter Trips

While everyone else has been heading to tropical paradises this time of year, I've taken the contrarian route and spent my winter travels in Iceland, Spokane, and Quebec.  Taking advantage of a winter wonderland is an obvious choice for skiers, but I've stayed … [Read More]

Biking the Virginia Creeper Trail

The Virginia Creeper Trail: If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

I am not a bike rider, and yet I got it in my head that biking the Virginia Creeper Trail would be a fun way to spend a fall day.  I'm pretty sure my husband gave me one of those sideways looks when I shared my intentions; you know, the one that says, "are you … [Read More]

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World Cup of Travel

World Cup fever is highly contagious.  For me, it all started in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala where my host family was literally counting down the days to the start of the World Cup.  Excitement picked up when I landed in Amsterdam and the Netherlands beat Spain … [Read More]