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Enchanted Circle Drive New Mexico

Driving The Enchanted Circle: A Photo Essay

Is there anything more beautiful than fall foliage? Yes.   It gets even more beautiful when you add snow to the mix. It was pure luck that the day I drove the Enchanted Circle scenic byway out of Taos that a layer of snow had blanketed the area overnight.  The vivid yellow aspens against New Mexico's cloudless skies is a sight to behold all autumn long but with fresh … [Read More]

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Earn Points & Status by Planning Events

I got married in 2010, and it feels like it was just yesterday.  However, these past two years have been an eternity when it comes to my miles and points knowledge.  I've been a member of frequent traveler programs for 8 years (that I know of - any potential … [Read More]

happy birthday

Three Reasons to Add Your Birthday to Your Accounts

I tend to share as little personal information as possible in reward programs, but a few months ago, Points, Miles & Martinis inspired me to add my birthday to my accounts.   Sure enough, now that it's my birthday, I can vouch for a few reasons why it's … [Read More]

Biking the Virginia Creeper Trail

The Virginia Creeper Trail: If I Can Do It, Anyone Can

I am not a bike rider, and yet I got it in my head that biking the Virginia Creeper Trail would be a fun way to spend a fall day.  I'm pretty sure my husband gave me one of those sideways looks when I shared my intentions; you know, the one that says, "are you … [Read More]


My Travel Dreams

I have a bucket list a mile long related to travel, ranging from visiting world heritage sites to sampling crazy foods and participating in new adventures.  I know I'll make a good dent in that list within my lifetime, but for the most part, I add two new … [Read More]