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You Don’t Have to Go Far to Travel

When I first moved to Richmond, I was diligent about spending my weekends exploring the area.  I went to local museums, asked around for suggestions on what to do, and took roadtrips around the state.  Some of my visits were genuine hits while others were just okay. Not only did I explore my own state, but I went to neighboring states.  I fell in love with West Virginia, … [Read More]

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Using Miles for Round-the-World Tickets

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the author of Tango & Tuk Tuks and Cheap & Charming.  Maybe I'm biased, but meeting travel bloggers is fun, since they have great stories and photos (and in this case, videos!) to share.  Since I can't travel … [Read More]

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Tracking Miles and Points

I'm a big believer in collecting every mile you've earned - there's no reason to leave miles on the table.  However, there are times I find myself traveling with programs that I don't use frequently, and end up with a few points here or there.  The problem … [Read More]

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Hiking Acatenango Volcano in Guatemala

Guatemala is home to roughly 30 volcanoes, a fact that is hard to forget in Antigua, where the city is ringed with beautiful volcanic vistas.  At times, you can even hear nearby Fuego's eruptions, echoing through the city like a crack of thunder, almost … [Read More]

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When do Package Vacations Make Sense?

One Mile at a Time shared a link the other day to a post about a package deal that went horribly wrong.  To me, it's a good reminder to make sure I have package details printed out and saved for reference so that I can confirm what I received is what I … [Read More]

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Volcano Boarding on Cerro Negro

Although there were a lot of things about Nicaragua that appealed to me, I'll be honest: the number one reason I wanted to visit was for the volcanoes.  Smoking Masaya was the first of three volcanoes I visited, but Cerro Negro was the most adventurous.  After … [Read More]