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Bereavement Fares

One of the joys of having family and friends all over the country is the chance to visit them and get a change of scenery all at the same time.  On less happy occasions, having family and friends spread out is an expensive obstacle and a logistical burden when … [Read More]

Very Large Array Socorro

A Journey Millions of Lightyears Away

While I'm on vacation this week, I'm delighted to share travel tips and stories from a different point of view.  Today's post is courtesy of my dad!Travel blogs are inspired by new adventures shared by a travelling author, and a corresponding thirst for … [Read More]

Ready for our bus departure at 11:30

Is Competitours Better Than the Amazing Race?

Chances are, you've heard of the TV show The Amazing Race.  Pairs race around the world, not knowing where they're headed or how long they'll be there.  There are challenges -- planned and unplanned -- every day and teams are eliminated when they don't do well … [Read More]


US National Parks Free April 21-29 + Free App

If you’re looking for something to do this month, you’re in luck: more than 100 national parks that normally charge an entrance free are FREE April 21-29 in celebration of National Park Week!I’m a big fan of this country’s national parks.  So much of the … [Read More]


Hotel Price Drops: TripBAM vs. Tingo

Two things that consistently make me happy are travel and saving money.  Put the two together, and I'm a happy camper, so I was thrilled when Points and Pixie Dust shared an overview of TripBAM, a brand new website that tracks hotel prices to notify you when … [Read More]